“He likes alcohol AND he messaged me first! What more could I want in  a guy?” 



Okay, I have a confession… I’ve found the absolute 100% love of my life! 
… It’s Halsey. 

I adore her, she’s sassy and I love her music and she gives absolutely zero fucks. You do you girl! Plus she’s beautiful. like wayyy gorgeous. Plus she’s bipolar, just like me. There’s nothing NOT to love about her! 
If you’ve never listened to her, drop what you’re doing and do it now! Unless you’re already on your phone. In which case just switch tabs. 

Passing the Legacy

Last night I introduced my beautiful, recently single, hilarious friend to Tinder (and of course the tinder drinking game). It was a RIOT! 
We immediately crafted her bio to “theater, cynicism, and dicks out for harambe” 
She got her first match, screamed, and threw her phone… 

Some other beautiful quotes from the night: 

“I just can’t drive all the way to Portland to get laid. I mean unless he pays me. Oh wait, that’s prostitution…” 

*clarae sends her first message* “don’t take this the wrong way, but I think I love you…. Your profile is pure gold!” 
…And many more. I definitely need more girls’ nights in my life! 

Heartbreak City

So I was reading Pinterest last night, and I saw a headcanon about a muggle born asking for the wifi password and Dumbledore giving it to him. I got really worked up and angry about it because EVERYONE KNOWS TECHNOLOGY DOESNT work around Hogwarts (duh)… But then it sort of just hit me that it’s a moot point because Hogwarts doesn’t physically actually exist. Aaaaand now I want to cry. 
Magic never dies? ✨⚡️