Passing the Legacy

Last night I introduced my beautiful, recently single, hilarious friend to Tinder (and of course the tinder drinking game). It was a RIOT! 
We immediately crafted her bio to “theater, cynicism, and dicks out for harambe” 
She got her first match, screamed, and threw her phone… 

Some other beautiful quotes from the night: 

“I just can’t drive all the way to Portland to get laid. I mean unless he pays me. Oh wait, that’s prostitution…” 

*clarae sends her first message* “don’t take this the wrong way, but I think I love you…. Your profile is pure gold!” 
…And many more. I definitely need more girls’ nights in my life! 


Heartbreak City

So I was reading Pinterest last night, and I saw a headcanon about a muggle born asking for the wifi password and Dumbledore giving it to him. I got really worked up and angry about it because EVERYONE KNOWS TECHNOLOGY DOESNT work around Hogwarts (duh)… But then it sort of just hit me that it’s a moot point because Hogwarts doesn’t physically actually exist. Aaaaand now I want to cry. 
Magic never dies? ✨⚡️

College, Defined

This is a story that fairly well sums up my college experience so far. I’m failing a class (failed a midterm), and I’ve tried to get help. I am IN CLASS during his office hours so I asked about setting up an appointment. The answer was a very strict no, come to office hours, even after I explained the situation. 

So for the second midterm I just decide to study my ASS off. I finish the study guide with a friend and feel pretty confident I actually understand it, and just have ONE more question, so I decide to go to the office hours the next morning to clear it up before the midterm that day. 

One small problem occurrs… HE DOESN’T SHOW UP. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the professor who can ONLY be reached during office hours decides to NOT SHOW UP to said scheduled office hours. The door was locked, I knocked, waited for an hour and a half, and NADA. 

He also didn’t show to the midterm, he let he TA run it. Still waiting on my grade. 

Professors are dicks. 

Happy *belated* Halloweekend!

Hell lovelies, it’s time once again to share my Halloweekend stories with you all! This one was much less crazy than last, but still tons of fun and 100% worth the many hours I spent on my costumes. 

Night #1 : le BF (whom you will get to know very well) and I went to a party with my grandparents and parents! That was a first, and my dad and his gf definitely turn down for what. 


  BF and me as Dexter and DeeDee

Dad and Sonya as old people, Nana and Papa as scarecrow and crow! *she doesn’t really smoke* 

Night #2: hanging out with friends! 

Having a few friends over and drinking and watching movies is one of my favorite activities. Travis went as a hunter and I was a butterfly (is butterfly hunting a thing?) and here we are: 

Damn, look at that cutie. 

I LOVE looking at Halloween costumes, what did you all do? ❤