Happy *belated* Halloweekend!

Hell lovelies, it’s time once again to share my Halloweekend stories with you all! This one was much less crazy than last, but still tons of fun and 100% worth the many hours I spent on my costumes. 

Night #1 : le BF (whom you will get to know very well) and I went to a party with my grandparents and parents! That was a first, and my dad and his gf definitely turn down for what. 


  BF and me as Dexter and DeeDee

Dad and Sonya as old people, Nana and Papa as scarecrow and crow! *she doesn’t really smoke* 

Night #2: hanging out with friends! 

Having a few friends over and drinking and watching movies is one of my favorite activities. Travis went as a hunter and I was a butterfly (is butterfly hunting a thing?) and here we are: 

Damn, look at that cutie. 

I LOVE looking at Halloween costumes, what did you all do? ❤