Purple Life

Sooo I was recently sort of seeing this guy, and neither of us were really putting in any effort (it was longish distance). 
–it should be noted that this is the week after I dyed my hair purple– 
So we decided to call it off, no hard feelings or anything but just probs not going to happen. I wasn’t upset about it or anything and I assume he also wasn’t. 
A few days later, my manager asked what happened with “that guy I was seeing.” I responded, without missing a beat, “meh, guess he decided purple just wasn’t for him.”
I cracked up, and she didn’t get the joke. Damn non-Halsey fans!! 


Heartbreak City

So I was reading Pinterest last night, and I saw a headcanon about a muggle born asking for the wifi password and Dumbledore giving it to him. I got really worked up and angry about it because EVERYONE KNOWS TECHNOLOGY DOESNT work around Hogwarts (duh)… But then it sort of just hit me that it’s a moot point because Hogwarts doesn’t physically actually exist. Aaaaand now I want to cry. 
Magic never dies? ✨⚡️